BAMS (CU) Kolkata

PGD Ras Shatra (CRAV)
(Dept. Of Ayus, Govt. Of India)

Certified through national academy of Ayurveda for Management of Skin Diseases.

Worked with :

1. Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic Hospital and College.
2. Patnanjali Arogya Kendra (Gauripur, Kolkata)
3. Actively engaged in Ayurveda Consultancy in Ahmedabad
4. Visiting faculty in Kolkata & Pune

Aushadh Nirman : High quality Herbo-Mineral preparations

Vd. Sushma Tiwary, divinely blessed by her Guru Shri Rameshwarlal Sharma has gained & digested deep knowledge of ayurveda by working hard & doing practice at various aarogya kendras. She, by heart being a good and sensitive human being easily understands the pain of patients and hence her diagnosis always contains elements of truth. She read, discusses & doing regular experiments on certain ayurvedic medicines & diseases. Her through knowledge of human psychology helps her to understand & read the patient's mind.

Apart from being an ayurveda consultant Dr. Sushma Tiwary is a deep devotee of Lord Shiva & Lord Ganesha. Her spiritual attitude has brought divine light and compensation on her face and that is why patients always like to share with her about their pain & sorrow without any hesitation which is considered a very good quality of any chikitsak.

Knowledge of ayurveda, always eager to learn, great balance of mind & soul, high quality aushadh preparation, love for humanity & above all always smiling face of Dr. Sushma, these all a qualities are the great asset of Ayusman Bhavah. So coming to Ayusman Bhavah is a great experience for any patient as they get relief, ray of hope to live better & at last a feeling of deep satisfaction.