NASYA karma

Nasya is a practice encouraging nasal administration of oils, decoctions and medicinal herbs. The nose forms the doorway to consciousness and the path to the inner pharmacy of humans. The administering of medications through nasal passages impacts mind, majja dhatu, sadhaka pitta, tarpaka kapha, and prana vata. Nasya is administered on an empty stomach one hour before or after exercise or taking bath. The administered individual should be lying down with a titled head, when 5 drops of nasya should be administered in each nostril. In allowing the nasya to penetrate, the administered should be sniffing deeply and then lying down for about a minute.


Ayurveda says that the Eustachian tubes of the ears and the delicate skin of the nasal passages needs lubrication in staying protected, balanced and healthy in the colder months.

Traditionally, salt water solution or saline is used during neti in flushing the sinuses. Salt water dries the skin and dehydrates the delicate nasal mucosa if nasya if not lubricated to it.

Dry sinuses are irritated easily by the dry air, pollens, and pollutants. It must be followed up with nasya, after performing neti. While, powerful support is provided to the sinuses by neti, traditionally the therapy is not considered complete till nasya is also performed.

Nasya Herbalized Oil Therapy

Nasya is administered with an aim to lubricate the sensitive tissues of the nasal cavity. This is done to make them less reactive to airborne irritants and dryness, leading nasya to being a complete therapy which will not be creating dependency on either one.

Nasya Therapy Procedure

Nasya is a simplistic procedure, where herbalized oil of 3 to 5 drops, usually olive oil or sesame, is applied to the nostrils and sniffed. These results in the lubrication of nasal mucosa that leaves them lubricated by the nasya and cleansed by the neti.

  • 1. Nasya should be used immediately after neti
  • 2. Prepared oil should be used made by soothing, lubricating, and cooking oil slowly
  • 3. Heating the oil just above body temperature
  • Head should be put to rest backwards as far as possible with full exhalation. Into each nostril, 3 to 5 drop of oil is dropped and sniffed deeply. This can be done by laying on the edge of a bed or sofa. The starting should be 3 drops that can be increased if comfortable
  • 5. This is should be used on a daily basis for two weeks after neti and as per the need later on