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Ayurveda separates shukradosha, or defects of semen into eight categories: foamy semen, deficiency of semen, rough semen, colorful semen, putrefactive semen, viscous semen, semen mixed with blood and acids, and coagulated semen. Foamy semen, deficiency of semen or little semen, and rough or dry semen are Vata disorders, concerned with the aggravated function of the nervous system. img_0383Semen with abnormal colors (such as yellow or blue), and putrefactive semen are Pitta disorders, the result of the aggravated function of the vein system. Viscous semen is a Kapha disorder, the result of an aggravated function of the artery system. Coagulated semen is Sannipataja, related to the aggravated function of all systems. Blood etc. mixed with semen is related to injury.